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Q. What is the Flocking Fundraiser?
A. The Flocking Fundraiser is our big fundraiser in which we sell “flocks” of flamingos to people.

Q. How does it work?
A. At the beginning of the season parents and kids will sell Flocks ranging in size and dollar amount from 12 flamingos for $25 all the way up to 60 flamingos for $100.  After we sell flocks we will schedule parents and players who can drive to deliver the flocks to the appropriate address.

Q. How many flocks do I need to sell?
A. We are asking for the equivalent of $150 in sold flocks so anywhere between a 6 small flocks or 1 large and super flock. 

Q. Will I have to drive to and flock houses?
A. Yes, you will have to drive and flock houses if you did not opt out of the flocking fundraiser at the time of registration.

Q. What times of day do I have to flock? 
A. You can flock anytime but the best time we have found is later at night right after practices so the friends or family members wake up to them in the morning and are there all day. 

Q. Will I have to drive all over town?
A.You are in charge of the flocks you sold.  Therefore, you will only flock the areas in which you sold.

Q. How will I know who, where, and when I am supposed to flock?
A. We will have one Flock controller who will set up and oversee the progress who will then work with your team manager for assignments.  Ultimately it will be your team manager who will be assigning flocks.

Q. Where do I get the forms for flocking?
A. We will have them online, click here, for extras and we will have packets made for you at the beginning with everything you will need to make you job easier.

Q. Is this fundraiser hard?
A. Not at all.  We think you will be surprised at how many people are willing to flock friends and family.  It is a fun way for friends and family to pull a joke on each other, and considering they don’t have to do anything makes it all the better.  We had employees flock their boss, students flock their principal, and kids flocking parents or vice versa.

Q. Are there prizes for who sells and delivers the most flocks?
A. Yes we have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. First place recieves top of the line 7" tablet or chromebook, Second place recieves 7"tablet or chromebook (whatever prize was not chosen by first place winner), Third place $50 gift certificate to local store to be named at a later date