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New chest protector rule

By Blake Wahrlich, 08/23/21, 6:30PM MDT






In Fall 2019, the US Lacrosse Board of Directors approved equipment-related rule changes designed to enhance heart protection for athletes, specifically to reduce the risk of a rare injury called commotio cordis.  Starting now, January 2021, US Lacrosse boys’ and girls’ field lacrosse rules will require that all goalie chest protectors must meet the NOCSAE performance standard ND200 in order to be deemed legal for play.  Here is the exact line from the rulebook which will apply for both boys and girls.


In addition, beginning in January 2022, all field players in boys lacrosse must wear protection for commotio cordis that also meets the same NOCSAE performance standard and contain an SEI certification mark. The following manufacturers, Maverik, STX & Warrior, have all rolled out versions of goalie chest protection that meet the new NOCSAE performance standard and all contain an SEI certification mark.